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RE: [IFWP] Dallas Conference first day report

On 23-Feb-99 jeff Williams wrote:
>  Too all interested and concerned,
>    The following is a report on the Dallas INEGroup/ICANN Dallas
>  Conference first day's proceedings.
>    Day started out very good, although personal turnout was much less
>  than expected.  Some 12,000 attended in person with an unknown
>  number of online participants through uplink remote sites.

Despite the fact that no local media in Dallas have been able to confirm that
any such meeting is in existence......

Since you mention online participation, there MUST be a website somewhere
documenting this information.  URL for this site would be appreciated for
verification and informational purposes.

>  Brian Hollingsworth and
>  Jeffrey A. Williams
>  CEO/DIR. Internet Network Eng/SR. Java/CORBA Development Eng.
>  Information Network Eng. Group. INEG. INC.
>  E-Mail jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com
>  Contact Number:  972-447-1894
>  Address: 5 East Kirkwood Blvd. Grapevine Texas 75208

May we have an email address for Mr Hollingsworth that does not go through your
Netcom account, Mr Williams?

Or perhaps a phone number that doesn't ring to your room/voice email at

E-Mail: William X. Walsh <william@dso.net>
Date: 23-Feb-99
Time: 14:40:12
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