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ETSI Statement about DNSO

The following statement expresses ETSI's position on the formation of a
Domain Names Supporting Organization.
Roberto Gaetano
Internet Policy Advisor

ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, supports the DNSO
process, and is looking forward to the prompt establishment of the Domain
Names Supporting Organization, as well as the Address and Protocol
Supporting Organizations, under the authority of ICANN.
ETSI regrets that two competing drafts are being presented to ICANN for
consideration, and will take positive actions in order to merge the two
positions into a single one, that will hopefully meet consensus of the
Internet community.
ETSI believes that the Boston-Monterrey-Washington process has involved a
wider range of different interest, and has produced a model that is closer
to the one that ETSI Members would see applied.
Nevertheless, ETSI recognizes that some of the points raised by the Paris
Draft, are worth considering for inclusion in the final version of the
ETSI therefore respectfully asks ICANN not to limit its action to the choice
of one of two alternatives, but to actively promote the convergence of the
two proposals, within the shortest delays.