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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-poisson-appts-01.txt

Tony and all,

  Good points and questions here Tony.  I made some similar queries
as well along this same lines.  It appears that the IETF PSO
proposal will be more of a dictatorial type of proposal instead
of complying with the White Paper and the ICANN/NTIA/MoU

A.M. Rutkowski wrote:

> >        Title           : Procedures for IETF appointments to the
> >                          Protocol Supporting Organization
> 1. What currently defines the current attributes of the
> Protocol Supporting Organization as adopted or proffered
> to ICANN?  There is no indication that ICANN has done
> anything regarding a PSO.
> 2.  "This memo describes the procedures by which the IETF appoints
>    representatives to the various bodies of the Internet
>    Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and to
>    the Protocol Supporting Organization (PSO) related to ICANN.
> What other bodies are involved than the PSO?  Isn't the PSO
> *a part of ICANN* rather than "related to?"
> 3. Sections 1 and 2 make reference to a "PSO Board."  What is
> this?  Where is it defined or described?  There is nothing in
> the ICANN Bylaws that speaks to the creation of such a body.
> 4.  Section 4 makes reference to the Protocol Council and its
> responsibilities.  It might be useful to quote from the ICANN
> Bylaws:
>   The Protocol Supporting Organization shall create a
>   Protocol Council to make recommendations regarding
>   the operation, assignment and management of protocol
>   parameters, such as port numbers, enterprise numbers,
>   other technical parameters and related subjects.
> 5. "The number of persons and their terms will be defined
> by the by laws of ICANN and the PSO. However, in normal..."
> It's repeated again in the subsequent paragraph.  Isn't
> "laws" somewhat aggrandized?
> 6.  "The IETF nominees for the Protocol Council shall be
>     the thirteen current voting members of the IAB."
> This seems rather autocratic in nature.  Why not establish
> a more democratic and more flexible alternative?
> 7.  I refuse to acknowledge or comply with the copyright assertion
> of the document.
> --tony


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