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RE: [IFWP] Re: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-poisson-appts-01.txt

On 09-Mar-99 jeff Williams wrote:
>  Tony and all,
>    We [INEGroup] entirely agree with Tony's assessment and suggestions
>  here as they would make for a better rounded and more flexible IETF
>  PSO proposal and more accountable to the Stakeholder community.

How can "We [INEGroup]" agree with anything when INEGroup doesn't exist, and
you are not even who you say you are?

P.S. We all know what Jeff's response will be.  Rather than post some
verifiable facts, he will post another message about me  :).  And will again
allude to falsehoods in it  :).

E-Mail: William X. Walsh <william@dso.net>
Date: 09-Mar-99
Time: 15:07:56
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