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Re: Drawing lines

Jay and all,

  Good points here Jay, and exactly on the mark.  However this is again
to the point that there should not have been any constituencies
defined as they are, as you are pointing out here clearly, divisive in
and are a form of gerrymandering....

Jay Fenello wrote:

> Hello Esther,
> One of the decisions of the ICANN Board was to approve
> a DNSO that featured overlapping constituencies.  This
> creates a problem common to all constituencies, namely,
> where do we draw the lines.
> For example, Iperdome may desire to join the following
> constituencies, for the following reasons:
> ccTLD registries
>    Iperdome is the official registry for
>    the .per.nu domain, sub-delegated via
>    RFC-1591
> Commercial and business entities
>    Iperdome is a business entity
> gTLD registries
>    Iperdome is a prospective gTLD registry
> ISPs and connectivity providers
>    Iperdome is an ISP
> Non-commercial domain name holders
>    Iperdome's clients are almost exclusively
>    non-commercial domain name holders.
> Registrars
>    Iperdome acts as a registrar for personal
>    domain names.
> Trademark, intellectual property, anti-counterfeiting interests
>    Iperdome is a trademark, and .per(sm) is a
>    service mark.
> My concern is that certain constituencies are
> attempting to form in private, behind closed
> doors.  This could easily result in a biased
> process, one that excludes legitimately
> interested parties.
> I hereby request that the ICANN Board clearly
> indicate that this is not acceptable, and that
> any constituency wishing to be recognized by
> ICANN must form via an open process.
> So far, I have only seen "public" postings to
> form the registrar and the non-commercial domain
> name holders constituencies, yet I am aware of
> "private" postings for the trademark and ccTLD
> registries constituencies.
> Please clarify this situation now, before
> things get any worse.
> Thanks in advance.
> Respectfully,
> Jay Fenello
> President, Iperdome, Inc.
> 404-943-0524  http://www.iperdome.com


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