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Re: Drawing lines

John and all,

  Isn't the point of the White Paper that EVERYBODY be included as they
are stakeholders?

John B. Reynolds wrote:

> Jay Fenello wrote:
> >
> > How would you word a qualification clause
> > to only include "non-commercial" entities?
> >
> > Jay.
> >
> There are a number of ways it could be done.  One possibility would be to
> use the language in the Washington draft (I.B.3) as a starting point, with
> appropriate additions (e.g. individuals) and deletions (e.g. governments).
> Another would be to admit any individual or not for profit organization or
> group. This suggestion has already generated the objection that some NFPs
> (e.g. trade associations) may not be truly "non-commercial".  One could also
> define it negatively as any individual or group not eligible for the
> "commercial and business entities" constituency.  Specific wording requires
> some consensus on exactly who should be included.
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