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Re: [IFWP] RE: Drawing lines

Roeland and all,

Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:

At 10:31 AM 3/18/99 -0600, John B. Reynolds wrote:

>I agree with Michael Sondow.  Membership criteria will be a lot clearer if
>we base it on the identity of the domain registrant rather than the content
>of the Web site (if any).

Hmmm, MHSC.NET is the registrant for a number of Domain Names that aren't
necessarily commercial, yet MHSC certainly is. Almost every ISP is in this
position. According to your rules, this would also disqualify many DNs, who
are non-commercial, yet their registration is held for them by their ISP.
My base-line argument is that there is more grey area than you might think
and there are no such clear lines of demarcation.

  We [INEGroup] Completely agree here with Roeland.  And it is one
of many reasons that providing for "Constituencies" or "SIGs",
in other words Special Interest Groups as part of the bylaws and
structure of any SO, in by definition divisive and an attempt of a
type of gerrymandering.

The entire arena of these debates are littered with failed attempts to cut
such clear lines. IMHO, this is the fundamental flaw with constituency
based representation. Were DNS gTLD charters enforced then we might have
some sort of basis for argument. But, they aren't and we don't.

  And in fact there is not legal basis to Enforce and charters for gTLD's or
for that matter ccTLD's in an ever changing market based global economy.
This has been true in other industries, such as banking and the brokerage
as well as this Insurance industry, it is just as true in the Internet industry
as well.  The blurring of the lines started to occur in the internet industry
some 3-4 years ago, and is not ingrained into the industry to go backwards
and re-invent the industry all over again.  Not to mention it would be
detrimental to the stability from both and industry standpoint as well
as from a financial standpoint as well..

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