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Re: constituency acronyms


here is my suggestion for constituency acronyms, see if you can guess
where i came up with these =)

 com - commercial business
 org - non commercial, governmental and educational
 tld - ccTLDs
 reg - registrys
 net - ISPs and Connectivity Providors
 tm  - Trademark and Anti-Counterfitting
 atl - At-Large


On Tue, 30 Mar 1999, Michael Sondow wrote:

> Since the acronyms for the constituencies, if taken directly from
> their descriptions in Amendment VI, can be long and unwieldy, I
> propose using where possible the first initials together with the
> letter "C" (for constituency). Then, the Non-Commercial Domain Name
> Holders Constituency becomes the NCC and the Registrar Constituency
> would of course be the RC. The ccTLD constituency could be the CCC
> (or the CTC), the gTLD constituency might be simply the GC (or the
> GTC), the ISP constituency the ISPC, et cetera.
> Comments?