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Re: constituency acronyms

Rick H. Wesson a écrit:
> here is my suggestion for constituency acronyms, see if you can guess
> where i came up with these =)
>  com - commercial business
>  org - non commercial, governmental and educational
>  tld - ccTLDs
>  reg - registrys
>  net - ISPs and Connectivity Providors
>  tm  - Trademark and Anti-Counterfitting
>  atl - At-Large

Very amusing, but who gave you the authority to change the names of
the constituencies? There is no constitunecy for "non-commercial,
governmental, and educational" entities, so far as I know. Neither
is there an At-large constituency. The names, and therefore the
definitions, of the constituencies are fixed in an ICANN bylaws
Amendment. You and others would do well to spend your energy trying
to affect reality as it exists, rather than trying to re-invent it.
Less than two months remain before the Berlin meeting, and you are
doing nothing, by playing these sorts of irrisory games, to move
along this process so that the Berlin meeting can be useful.