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Re: constituency formation [More ICANN/DNSO Divisiveness]


  Thanks for the information Amadeu.  However there are some problems
yet again with the process of their divisive determination of the formulation
of "Constituencies" that are "Considered" to be expectable.  In addition
those "Rules" which will/are to determine what is a reasonable and
expectable "Constituency" is the responsibility of ICANN, which unfortunately
is not yet completely constituted as there is no Membership to date.

  So hence, it seems relatively easy to see that more zero-sum games
are not amuck or in play to serve to severely restrict open competition,
which by definition, is in violation of the White Paper, and the NTIA/ICANN
MoU.   But as has been pointed out by many already, we have seen this
several times throughout this process....

Amadeu Abril i Abril wrote:

> Rick H. Wesson wrote:
> >
> > where are the discussions taking place about the formation of the various
> > constituencys?
> >
> Rick,
> There is a lot pf private talking, group talking and open talking around....
> In any case, I amn trying to gather all the relevant infos and hote to send by
> Tuesday a nmore complete picture.
> This will already include some premliminary drafts for certain consituencies,
> that will be both ciruclated in this mailinglist and poted in the dnso.org
> website for comments.
> My personal feeling is that everybody working on consituency-related drafts
> should be able to circulate them by April 24, ie, one month before the Berlin
> meeting, so as to allow a confortalbe cimennts oerid.
> (I know that we will have something for both the commercial and IP
> constituencies much earlier).
> As for previous drafting efforts, plz bear in mind that one thing is defting
> the criteria for each consituency, another one "approving" such criteria and a
> third one is "populating" such consituencies. Let's see what do we get for the
> firts step....
> Amadeu
> PS: As those present in Singapore will remember, we offered the dnso.org
> domain name to ICANN so it could be used for both the consituencies building
> process and for the real workings of the DNSO tiself. We are now arranging
> this changes.


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