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Re: [IATLD Members] Oppose NSI's redefinition of TLD constituencies

> We need to mobiise our individual Governments and make sure that they
> send a representative to the GAC meeting in Berlin next month - we are
> certainly vigorously encouraging our Government to be there.

Unfortunately, it is not easy for countries like mine (Indonesia).
We are still in economic crisis. And the gov. doesn't know anything
about TLD. Never mind sending a rep to Berlin.

In the last APNG meeting (in Singapore), there were ICANN,APTLD,etc.
meetings. Unfortunately it is not free. :-(
Well, I couldn't afford it from my own pocket.

I suspect the sentiment is the same for some Asian countries.
Anyway... keep me posted about the meeting.
(I wish the meeting can be broadcasted over the Internet.
It doesn't have to be real-time video. Just voice or text is
good enough.)

-- budi