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Re: [IATLD Members] Oppose NSI's redefinition of TLD constituencies

Sean Jackson wrote:
> Per Koelle wrote:
> > Nobody can take away the right to do whatever the registry wants to
> > do with a ccTLD (exept the local government/community)
> In practice there is little that Esther Dyson can do
> to stop us putting whatever names we like into our registries.
> Will she try to disconnect nameservers on which thousands
> of people depend for their business?

This is really the crunch point isn't it.  At the end of the day all
ICANN can do is to turn off a recalcitrant ccTLD.  In today's global
marketplace this would be tantamount to economic warfare and would
certainly result in some spectacular political reaction on the part of
our government at least.  ICANN is still seen to be the US Government -
and I suspect it will be for quite some time, if not forever.  After all
the company is incorporated in the US - so it's a US company!

We need to mobiise our individual Governments and make sure that they
send a representative to the GAC meeting in Berlin next month - we are
certainly vigorously encouraging our Government to be there.

And, at the end of the day, if all else fails we don't *have* to be in
the ICANN root.  After all, we represent over two hundred national
sovreignties!  ICANN  represents who??

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