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ccTLD constituency formation

Dear ccTLD administrators,

In advance of the constituency meeting in Berlin, 24 May 1999, there has
been some work done in outlining principles and frameworks for the
structure of the ccTLD constituency.

A ccTLD constituency page has been established on CENTR's Web site on which
ideas for the formation of the constituency can be posted.  Please see:

You will currently find there a CENTR document outlining some basic
principles for the ccTLD constituency offered by CENTR members as a basis
to proceed.  You will also find a framework document submitted by the New
Zealnad TLD, Domainz, setting out some of the issues which need to be
addressed in creating the constituency.

Comments welcome on wwtld@ripe.net.

I would be happy to publish any others documents relating to the foramtion
of the constituency on the CENTR web pages.


Fay Howard
CENTR Manager