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Re: [IFWP] ICANN Resolution on the WIPO Report

Ellen and all,

  Good points Ellen.  We [INEGroup] as well as myself completely concur
with your comments and concerns here.

  We would have one possible proviso, that being that any such resolutions
that the DNSO or any SO for that matter would come up with must be
approved by the ICANN Membership by majority vote, or be amended and sent
back to the DNSO for further review and than voted upon with those possible

Ellen Rony wrote:

> ICANN's Resolution regarding the report of the World Intellectual Property
> Organization in Berlin is certain to draw a broad variety of resposes.
> While I am pleased that ICANN has appropriately deferred recommendations in
> Chapters 3, 4, and 5 to the Domain Name Supporting Organization, some
> concerns remain.
> The ICANN board uses as justification for adoption of the recommendations
> of Chapter 2 that they parallel ICANN's Statement of Registrar
> Accreditation Policy which was promulgated without public comment.  This is
> post hoc ergo propter hoc policymaking.
> Next, the July 31 deadline for the DNSO to submit Chapter 3 recommendations
> to ICANN is too ambitious for a new organization.   The DNSO is still in
> its infancy and the mechanics of its organization are not yet set up.
> Additionally, all six of the recognized constituencies are commercial:
> registries, registrars, business, trademark owners, and ISPs.  No
> representation for a voice in domain name administration has been provided
> to non-commercial groups, community organizations, schools, churches,
> individuals, and indigenous groups.  Thus, commercial interests have been
> given control of the DNSO decision-making process.
> The administration of domain names and addresses affects all Internet
> expression, not just the commercial interests.   There is no reason to rush
> through the WIPO recommendations. Matters of such significance should not
> be decided by this interim, unelected, closed ICANN board.  Instead of
> making interested parties scuttle their summer plans and scramble to meet
> ICANN's accelerated and arbitrary deadlines, and enabling such decisions to
> be made without input from individuals and the non-commercial constituents,
> the ICANN board should concentrate on establishing its membership structure
> and the mechanism to vote in a replacement board of directors.
> Disenfranchised,
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