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Info requested on DNSO trademark group

I have been searching for more than an hour without success to find
information on the trademark and intellectual property group of the DNSO.
At the Berlin meeting the representative of this group said information and
documents has been posted.  However, I am unable to find these documents at
the ICANN web site.

I have repeatedly asked ICANN to provide the e-mail addresses of the
participants in this process but they have repeatedly refused to provide
even this basic information.  Mr. McLaughlin, the arrogant "senior" ICANN
advisor, has indicated he would not provide me with information.  Apparently
only users with e-mail addresses end in "law.harvard.edu" get any type of
reasonable response.  I also called Linda Wilson but she has refused to
return my call.  I am trying to gather this information by submitting
Freedom of Information Act requests to the Department of Commerce but they
have presented a number of obstacles which have resulted in long delays.

I have tried to search the Internet for the participants listed but I cannot
find an e-mail address or phone numbers for these people.  I also tried
calling their companies but I was unable to find their names in the voice
mail directory.

Please provide me with information on this group and how to participate.

Russ Smith