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Central Office: Rua das Amapolas, 519, Anexo – Mirassol
Natal/RN                  CEP 59.078-150
Phones (084) 9431-8685, 217-6790 e 231-8774
e-mail: emprogeo@digi.com.br

Dear Sir:

We would like to know if this enterprise is interested in buy our

- Precious and Semi-Precious Stones: Aquamarine, Garnet, Quartz (citrine

and morion), Tourmaline (pink and green);
- Nom-metallic: Kaolin, Bentonite, Clays, Feldspar, Barite, Talc,
Diatomite and Dimension Stones
- Metallic: Tantalite and Scheelite;
- Metal alloy: MnFe, FeW and others.
The EMPROGEO LTD. is a enterprise of mining and ore minerals exportation

(CNPJ 01.133.379/0001-70) existing in the Paraiba and Rio Grande do
Norte states (northeast Brazil).

For your Know us prices, please sent us the follows informations:
1) For Nom-metallic: specification detailed (uses, size/granulation,
package type, required proprieties physical and/or chemical);
2) For metallic and metal alloy: minimum or change (band) contents of
util substance and maximum contents of others elements permitted.
3) Gemstone: Quality and minimum size of each stone in a lot.

Please sent us too information about quantity and if we will have a
contract monthly.

Mário Tavares de O. Cavalcanti Nt.