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How much more?

Mr. Roberts-

Your organization, EDUCAUSE, has come out in support of one of the
constituency organizers, ISOC. Yet you are the President of the
organization being formed, ICANN. Is this, to your way of thinking,
a democratic process?

Furthermore, your employee Molly Van Houweling has given ISOC a full
website to itself, to spread its deceit and tyranny, like excluding
individuals from the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders
Constituency. Is this blatant favoritism in the use of your website
your idea of democracy?

Hadn't you better leave your position at the helm of ICANN before
your glaring prejudice and favoritism become so obvious to even the
naive and gullible that you run the risk of catching the eye of the
higher powers and are made to pay for your sins? (Yes, there are
higher powers, Mr. Roberts. You and ISOC don't run the world. Not

You can manipulate ICANN from behind the scenes. Why stick your neck