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Urgent request


We are vibes and ar ea comunications company from Belgium ( europe ).
We are often looking for domain names and this is not getting any easier.
We often have a problem finding available domain names for clients (which 
are and are not available ).

Because you are the owner, we have an urgent request.:

We like to setup a domain name search engine.
This would give people the option to search for parts of names, scroll true 
all names alphabetically and have in the column only the information or 
they require. We know this would be a tool that many people would use.
But because we don't have the database and do not want to be a domain 
registration company, we ask you : is there a possibility to obtain a copy 
( daily ) or obtain access ( maybe on a mirror site ) ?

OK, this is only customer service, but we think a service that can use it.
If we succeed we probably will try to contact the other domain registration 
offices for a  similar request.

I hope we can work something out.

Kind regards,

Marc Van Steyvoort

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