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Re: [IFWP] RE: Duplicity by Fenello and Sondow

Roberto Gaetano a écrit:
> Back to the serious side of your statement, if somebody among the many
> recipients of this thread is convinced that Joe Sims committed perjury,
> there's only one thing to do: take him to court.

That has been very seriously considered. I discussed it at length
with two attorneys in Washington and with the House staff. The
conclusion was that the charge will have to be brought by the House.
They are the ones with standing. It's possible that it could be
included as an accessory charge in a class-action suit against the
U.S. Government, for example for passing publicly funded research
and property to the private sector, or for not complying with its
mandate to oversee the Internet privatizing process. But insofar as
a perjury charge against Joe Sims is concerned, it is the House, and
more specifically the committees that conducted the hearing, that
has standing to bring that charge.

For some yet-unrevealed reason, the House is unwilling to either
charge Joe Sims and the ICANN board with their crimes, which go far
beyond the perjury of Sims (masquerading as public officials,
conspiring to transfer American public property to a
special-interest group with foreign roots, etc.), call Beckwith Burr
to order, or even continue their oversight of the process (this last
is actionable now through a class-action suit, and that is being

Regardless of the reasons of the House for this abstention, it can
only be temporary. After the worst of the crash and recession that
seem impending are past, probably sometime around late 2000, and the
government has been purged of those responsible and a government of
reconstruction installed, these matters will be dealt with and the
guilty people made to pay for their crimes.

You and your organization CORE, which has conspired with ISOC, the
INTA, and the phoney ICANN board to remove the Internet from public
control and oversight and put it into your hands, figure prominently
in the briefs.