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Re: Duplicity by Fenello and Sondow

Kent Crispin wrote:
>- the selection process was a distributed search -- nobody involved
>knew all the players, or what everyone was doing

I cut all the cc's.  You can add 'em back if you want.

After a summer of international meetings in 1998, people believed that the
selection of the interim NewCo board would be made by a PUBLIC process.
Indeed, names were suggested on this list, which was and remains the main
community dialogue about this self-organizing process.  NSI had some
recommendations, too, as did other organizations.  None of those lists were

So the disturbing part that continues to haunt ICANN like a great grey
cloud is that the interim board was delivered to the Internet community in
whole cloth.  With only a handful of people participating in their
selection, why are you surprised by the public recalcitrance to accept the
authority of these 9 unelected and unaccountable board members over any
policy-making decisions.  Whether it was Jon or John or Joe who phoned
them, the people who travelled around the world to work on the development
of NewCo were deprived of the right to participate in the one decision that
mattered most: selection of the first board of directors.  And that remains

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