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Isn't this the "biggie?"

Please consider these comments from Karl Auerbach to the
IFWP list.

I wanted to reinforce a point that may be a bit subtle --

Voting systems like STV and cumulative are useful when there
are a number
of seats up for election at the same time.  These voting
methods tend to
ensure that if there N seats to be filled, a minority with
1/N of the
votes could elect a seat.

In normal majority mode voting -- each seat is a distinct
election and the
net result is that the majority takes every seat, the
minorities get none.

Now, when terms are staggered, and there is but one or a few
seats open at
each election, STV or cumulative voting systems are made
less effective.

In other words, staggered terms are a way of repressing

If ICANN is to try to reflect diversity of opinion then it
should reject
stagered terms.