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Domain Squatting


 I can guarantee you that IF you give corporations the ability to
forcefully take any domain name that is registered first by a domain
squatter, you will have ended free enterprize as we know it. Also, if
implemented, no one will dare trust a domain name registration for fear
of someone with enough moeny and a good enough lawyer to simly take it.

I registered "Mobern.com" for a friend named Doug Mobern and some third
party corporation with the name Mobern simply got a great lawyer and
with out ever contacting me, went to their local district court and had
a court order issued to force Network Solutions to change the
registration name to the corporation. I lost the $100 registration fee
and the domain w/o ANY notification or opportunity for a defense and was
levied a $4K judgment against me. Justice without representation and
opportunity for defense ?

You are considering a massive mistake here.


Wm Wlash