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Small Business Interests in the NewCo

ICANN Board and the NTIA-

The Office of Advocacy, U.S. Small Business Administration, through
its representative Eric Menge, has been the strongest voice in the
Internet privatization process in support of small business
interests. The ICIIU, which supports the participation of all
Internet users in this process, believes that Mr. Menge and his
office need to have a more direct voice and influence in this
process. Neither the DNSO nor the GAC have so far offered a place
for the SBA, nor for any other representative of small business use
of the Internet. 

We suggest that this question be studied by the ICANN Board and that
a place be found for Mr. Menge and the SBA, as well as other
entities, whether governmental or not, which represent small
business interests on the Internet. The interests of small
businesses need to be heard in the evolution of Internet policy, and
this can only occur if they are given a place in the councils of the

Michael Sondow (ICIIU)