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Re: [IFWP] feedback on NYT article

Jeri Clausing of the New York Times wrote:

> perhaps this is another argument for open meetings?  : )

I applaud you, Jeri, for supporting the call for open meetings.

As one who tried to participate remotely in the pre-meeting forum, I was
distressed that messages regarding WIPO that focused on process (e.g.,
referring the recommendations to a fully formed DNSO) were shunted away in
deference to those which were considered "substantive, i.e.,commented on
specifics such as dispute resolution, famous marks.

To paraphrase the tagline of the 1992 Democratic presidential campaign,
It IS the process....!

If comments as to process were considered unsubstantive, it appears that
the board had *pre-determined* that it was going to endorse some of the
WIPO recommendations.

I call for the interim, unelected ICANN board of directors to put *OPEN
BOARD MEETINGS* as the FIRST agenda item of the Santiago meeting.
Heretofore, we have seen NO public discussion among the nine board members
about this issue, only the remarks of Esther and Mike Roberts.

If the remaining seven good people of the ICANN BOD have any justification
for keeping their decisionmaking discussions secret, they should at least
have the courage and integrity to put those views forth.  They have
enormous control over the administration of a communications medium which
is used by millions, and it is completely preposterous that they do not
engage publicly in this important debate.  Where are these people?  Who are
these people?  Why should we acquiesce to their  desire to remain in the
shadows?  If they are unwilling to participate in an open dialogue, then I
call for their resignation so that those who remain can focus publicly on
the primary responsibility of ICANN's interim board, which is to create a
representative structure, not to dispense policy from on high.

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