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Your time is coming ... very soon ... what you covet as "control"
manipulation tactics shall be no more ... and you will be left holding a
a small bone rather then a whole turkey ..

people do not put up with control for very long ... any attempt that you
are doing to use a very obvious tactic of "slight" of hand for
regulation of the internet domain policies and methods will instead
cause the "mass" of people who make up the internet ... to make
technology beyond your simple manipulative comprehension ... threatening
you ? .. hardly ..your not even worth the effort it would take to write
down that form of "flaming" (which would give you legal support anyway)

Instead I leave you with a simple thought .... when you think your
winning .. you look straight ahead ... and pretty soon you forget that
the most important thing about winning is : ..."always look behind you "

Levy any kind of a "tax" .. will only instigate more control .. not less
of the medium from which the data flows , this is the foresight that I
see in progress , its too bad you think people are not aware of this and
other aspects of what you intend to do ...

Again , As I said .. I would not waste the time necessary to threaten
your "supposed" organization ... its not even worth the effort , even if
I was that type of individual ,  nor is it my form of "expression"
either ...

James A.