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Paul Twomey and Greg Crew #2

I have heard from a source in Australia that the Twomey (NOIE)-Crew
(auDa) deal to take over .AU is on the rocks because NOIE wants more
telco and Internet industry participation on the auDa board and auDa
wants to keep all the apples in its own basket.

Be that as it may, what does it say about the ICANN board when one
of its members - Greg Crew - has to depend on a nod from the head of
its "Governmental Advisory Committee" to put his plans into effect?
Is this the advisory committee wagging the board, or isn't it?

Does Beckwith Burr know that she's implicating the U.S. Department
of Commerce in what will sooner or later amount to an international
scandal? The demission of the directorate of the European Union for
corruption didn't make many waves on this side of the Atlantic. This
scandal will.