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Good morning,

I have paid for two Domain names. The first one was;
I was invoiced, your number 3272041, dated 13, November 1998, and it
was paid.

The second Domain name was;
I was invoiced, your number 6492617, dated 18, April 1999,  and it was


I submitted a request for removal of the below listed DOMAIN SERVER,


My desire is to have my IPS Service be;
Prime Name Server
7a. Primary Server Hostname.........: NS.SURF2.NET
7b. Primary Server Netaddress.......:

Secondary Name Server(s)
8a. Secondary Server Hostname.......: NS.SEASURF.NET
8b. Secondary Server Netaddress.....:

I have completed the form(s) you people provide for this change. I did

receive a notification that the change had been made. I now discover
that the change has not been accomplished and I am unable to establish

my WEB SITE presence through my service provider.

I have been receiving an minimum of 4 of the below messages from your
place of business every week. I am sure it is a courteous robot
response. I understand that.

> This is an automatic reply from Network Solutions to acknowledge
> your message has been received.  This acknowledgement is NOT a
> confirmation that your request has been processed.
> If you need to correspond with us regarding this request, please be
> sure to reference the tracking number [[NIC-990506.12e5]] in the
> of your message.
> Regards,
> InterNIC Registration Services

I also am now receiving this message from you people;

Domain Registration Role Account wrote:

> We have received your request to modify a domain name registration
> but we are unable to process it at this time.  All Domain Name
> Registration Agreement modifications must be submitted from the
> address we have on record for the administrative or technical
contact for
> the domain name record being updated. It appears that the request we
> received was not submitted from an appropriate e-mail address.
> We have sent a notification message to the e-mail addresses on file
> this domain name registration record. If either of the contacts
> acknowledges the update, we will process the request.
> If you are the administrative or technical contact for this domain
> registration, and feel that this message has been sent in error,
> perhaps your authorization information is not current. Please update
> authorization information by completing and submitting a Contact
> Network Solutions Registration Services
> email  hostmaster@internic.net

I have called, long distance to your place of business and had non
meaningful dialogue with a machine. I need to hear a human voice. I am

asking you, whoever you are to please, please give me a human phone
number that I can call and get this modification to my Domain
established. I am begging you, pleading, groveling, praying, sobbing,
weeping for some help!


n:Fisher;Robert I.
tel;pager:Yell & Scream
tel;cell:530 545 2299
tel;fax:530 275 4024
tel;home:530 275 1161
tel;work:Totally Avoided
org:Entitlement Retirement Haven;Shasta Lake
title:Close to the Train, Post Office & Lake
note:I started out with nothing & still have most of it left.
fn:Fisher's Landing