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Re: more netsol fun (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 17:41:54 -0700
From: Alan DeRossett <alan@digitalstarlight.com>
Subject: Re: more netsol fun

The same thing happened here last week it turns out they reserved the
name and Network solutions only adds it to the public whois after they
get paid.

Alan DeRossett
Digital Starlight Communications Inc.

up@3.am wrote:
> Sorry to interrupt the latest run-on thread/flamewar, but I thought this
> latest InterNIC/NetSol imcompetence might be of interest.
> I get a call from a new customer that wants to host two domains.  He says
> he registered the domains himself a week ago.  Neither domain shows up in
> the whois database, so I submit new templates for both, figuring he
> doesn't know what he's doing.
> I sent them in Friday, and got the usual receipts for both.
> I got a rejection on one of the domains saying that the domain is already
> registered.  Nothing yet on the other (as of Monday, 7:30pm EDT)
> Still no show on whois (same time)
> I sent in two MODIFY templates a few minutes ago, and got back a rejection
> saying that they weren't registered yet.
> Now what?
> James Smallacombe                     PlantageNet, Inc. CEO and Janitor
> up@3.am                                                     http://3.am
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