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RE: [IFWP] The Sims-Auerbach Correspondence (was: The CPT- ICANNCorrespondence

Just a reminder to all:  Things are sent to "comments@icann.org" are
accepted by that site only if that address is on the "To:" line.
Otherwise they simply go into the bit bucket.

(I find that to be a pretty silly thing to do since it is apparently
ICANN's only source of input -- no wonder so many things are a surprise to


> >I don't know where you got this idea of the strong SO/weak board, but it's
> >complete news to me.
> There must be about 10 Megabytes of dialogue on this
> subject last year where this was the obvious consensus
> In addition, it was the explicit premise during the
> ICANN Bylaws drafting process.