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Re: [IFWP] The powers of the board

"Bret A. Fausett" wrote:

> >Given the above analysis, the question is, what checks are there on
> >the powers of the Board?
> >
> >The answer is ...
> Elections.
>      -- Bret

Yes.  But, what kind of elections?

Who will the new board represent?

Will we adopt a mechanism which most fairly reflects all interests (the
test of legitimacy)?  Or, will we make no attempt at representing our
proportional diversity on the issues of concern, and hold elections in
five arbitrary divisions of the globe?

Joe Sims is absolutely correct on this point.  We must heed his
warning.  To the extent we fail in the design of our elections, we fail
in everything else with ICANN.  The quality of our harmony (not to
mention quality of life!) will be directly proportional to the quality
of our democracy.

This is the proper object of our focus as we approach Santiago.
Everything which follows is commentary.