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Re: [IFWP] Commerce Committee Chair blasts ICANN

Martin and all,

  With all due respect Martin old boy, you seem to be missing the
point.  >;)  That being, that if ICANN is allowed to make or impose
a $1.00 charge for each registration of a domain name through one
or any of its registrars, than it has set a precedent.  That if done,
would give the DNSO or the ICANN board, to than make any "Adjustments"
to that $1.00 fee/tax at any time and for any amount, under any

  To allow this now is a slippery slope and all without stakeholder
approval.    This would be utter nonsense!

Martin B. Schwimmer wrote:

> A paid agent of NSI who tried to organize a BOF anti-ICANN litigation group
> when ICANN was barely a month old writes:
> "Bliley Blasts ICANN Management Of Domain Names. Questions Authority To
> Levy Domain Name Tax
> http://com-notes.house.gov/cchear/hearings106.nsf/eeae8466ba03a2158525677f00
> 4b4d11/b1e8b7b79e268341852567980058e7f8?OpenDocument
> (I guess the US Congress is operating as a NSI agent as well.)
> --tony"
> A single congressman does not a US Congress make.
> Of course congressmen independently review the facts and don't ever voice
> the opinion of lobbyists.  That's why lobbyists don't exist.
> You run rings around us logically.
> p.s. A dollar fee hampers the Internet, but a $70 fee doesn't?


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