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BULLETIN: ICANN 'TAX' DOUBLED!! This Must Be Stopped!!

The proposed ICANN 'tax' is $1.00 *per year*. So people who register a domain 
name in .COM, .NET, & .ORG would be forced to pay DOUBLE this amount since
initial registration is for two years. So the extra fee people will be forced 
to pay is really $2!! Doesn't sound like much but see how the cost is really 
more than what ICANN is telling people.

So under ICANN's proposed 'tax' (they call it a fee) a person would for
pay $72 for a domain name registration at NSI instead of $70. Notice how
TWO DOLLARS MORE, not merely one!!

Note that the domain name system has been in place since 1985, yes 1985!! In 
that time it has worked very well. So why now is ICANN being put in charge of 
this system and 'taxing' people?? The U.S. government MUST STOP THIS!! The 
domain name system (vital for websites and email, etc) is too important to
be given away to an organization that's inexperienced and conducts activities 
in secret.

Don't be hoodwinked by ICANN!!

1. Spread the word that the ICANN 'TAX' must be stopped!!

2. Call or email your representatives. Be sure to mention the three year 
moratorium on new internet taxes.

3. Visit ICANN's website and leave a comment.