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ICANN in the news again- Wired


  FYI, yet another take/report...
See: http://www.wired.com/news/news/politics/story/20357.html

Interesting Excerpts (Emphasis added):

Bliley also raised an oft-asked question
regarding the selection of ICANN's interim board.
The board was appointed without an open

Roberts said ICANN has addressed that issue
many times. The late Jon Postel, former head of
pre-ICANN body IANA (The Internet Assigned
Numbers Authority), was asked by the
Commerce Department in August 1999 to find
 people suitable to staff the ICANN board.

Note:  Augest 1999???  Poor old Jon was dead before that date
           or is this a misprint on Wired's part?  It also differs quite a bit
           from Esther Dysons story!  Try another "Story" Mike, old

Also from Esther Dyson:

In an open response to Nader and Love's 11
June letter, ICANN's Dyson said people "keep
asking the same questions without paying
attention to the answers."

Note:  Yet another "Story" that seems not to jive with here previous
           statements, and is groosly disengenious at best!


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