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TITS.COM Officially Deleted!! Thank You NSI and Others!!

Just did a quick check of the nsiregistry for a few domains and I see that 
TITS.COM is no longer listed indicating it's officially deleted.

Thank you NSI and whoever else was involved in helping to get this matter 

A backgrounder on this issue...

On or about Jun-8-1999 TITS.COM shows up in the root servers and is shown 
registered to someone at Register.com. While registrars may have different 
rules in regards to domain names they accept, this is NOT the issue in this 

The issue was how could someone register TITS.COM through Register.com when the 
average person can't. Try to register TITS.anything at Register.com and your 
*request* is *immediately* rejected. So if the average person can't even get 
beyond the opening screen at Register.com, then how could TITS.COM been 
registered there??

It turns out that Register.com was cheating and giving some registrants 
(possibly themselves) preference in registering domain names that the average 
person couldn't through their system. Their cheating is well documented. 
TITS.COM was removed from the root servers a few days after my complaints and 
is now officially removed from the domain name system.

Ron Bennett