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Network Solutions ethics

My NSI story is probably typical so here is just a quick summary:
1. I have been unable to push my domain registration through NSI for over 3 months now.  My only "achievement" has been that my requested domain name (which is the name of my company) has been "reserved" by NSI (their database correctly shows me as the owner) and they wouldn't release it so that I cannot try to register it with register.com
2. NSI have charged my credit card twice (!!), $70 each time, without providing service (even once :-) 
It is not a terrible exaggeration to say that they have stolen my money and my company name.
I have given them plenty of time and encouragment to reply to my grievances but no answer ever came.  Obviously their actions are unethical but, on top of that, double charging credit cards constitutes a fraud.  Well, they don't even bother defending that accusation.
I am wondering if there is an Internet group or perhaps a class action against NSI going in the US so that NSI "$70" victims like myself can join.  Is there any practical, legal avenue ?  I will pursue the credit card fraud issue with my bank but is there anything I can do at all to reclaim my domain name ?
Robert Rozycki    tourney@ozemail.com.au