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Re: Registrar Constituency of the DNSO taken over by CORE

Joe Sims a écrit:
> So I guess the point here is that, if the members of a constituency -- in
> this case everyone who has applied for and received actual or provisional
> accreditation, which was open to everyone in the world -- elect their
> representatives, and they are not amenable to Sondow, it's just another
> part of the global conspiracy?

ICANN's bylaws state that no two NC members may be from the same
corporation. All three of the Registrar Constituency's NC members
are from the same corporation, CORE. Susan Anthony and Theresa
Swinehart work for the same corporation, MCI. David Maher, who
nominated himself as NC member from the NCDNHC, is a lawyer of INTA,
the same corporation that NC members from the Trademark Constituency
work for. Javier Sola is a Vice President of ISOC, which is taking
over the NCDNHC and will "elect" its NC members from it. Everywhere
in the DNSO there is favoritism and corruption. Your bylaws are a
sham. You call yourself a lawyer, but you are a disgrace to your
profession and to the name of the law.