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Re: [IFWP] Re: Registrar Constituency of the DNSO taken over by CORE

Richard and all,

  Richard makes some very good points and poses a couple of very
good questions that I as well as the [INEGroup] would like some
answers to and some rectification by the ICANN (initial?) Interim Board.
However I am not holding my breath.

I would also make the following suggestions to the ICANN (Initial?)
Interim Board:  (Note: These suggestions might make some good
potential questions for Congress as well)

1.) That the ICANN Interim Board direct the DNSO NC/PNC to cease and
     desist this sort of activity and offer public apology's to all concerned.

2.) That the ICANN (initial?) Interim Board immediately activate the At-Large
      membership in order to hold nominations (Open to all interested parties),
      a requirement of the White Paper I believe, within 10 working days.

3.) That the ICANN (initial?) Interim Board direct that the DNSO  immediately
      an no later that 10 working days, constitute the DNSO At Large membership
       in order to hold nominations (Open to all interested parties), a
       requirement of the White Paper I believe also. And forthwith hold
       nominations for director positions for all existing or formulating
       constituencies, within 10 working days.

4.) That the ICANN (Initial?) Interim Board, with all due haste, make public
     to the extent possible utilizing any and all public means available,
     an announcement of these measures.

Richard J. Sexton wrote:

> >ICANN's bylaws state that no two NC members may be from the same
> >corporation. All three of the Registrar Constituency's NC members
> >are from the same corporation, CORE. Susan Anthony and Theresa
> >Swinehart work for the same corporation, MCI. David Maher, who
> >nominated himself as NC member from the NCDNHC, is a lawyer of INTA,
> >the same corporation that NC members from the Trademark Constituency
> >work for.
> I'd like an explanation as to how Dave Maher was able to
> participate in the names council teleconference.
> He's not on the names council, the non-commercial constituency
> he wants to represent (sic) has not been recignized by ICANN;
> indeed he is a representative of one of three factions that
> want to form the non-commercial constituecy. So is Michael
> Sondow, yes he was removed from the call by Javier Sola
> *before* the call group leader (Theresa) got on the
> phone call. (The tape arrived today Michael, thanks).
> Can you please explain what criteria was used to decide
> which obervers were ok and which wern't ? Maher is listed
> as an observer, as was Sondow.
> Also, Maher tried to attend a conference in Asia in the
> last couple of days as a "DNSO representative". Is this
> appropriate ?
> --
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