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Re: [IFWP] The DNSO is rigged


  I tend to agree.  ANd we have been seeing this for some time now
with the installation of the NC/PCN (Legitimate?).  It appears that
the ICANN and the DNSO NC/PNC given several other occurrences
of late that have occurred (Referencing the last DNSO conference
call), stand as stark evidence of some gamesmanship and lack of
openness occurring.

  My biggest question is why hasn't the NTIA or the DOC not taken
direct action in these situations and directed the ICANN and the DNSO
to discontinue this sort of activity?

Christopher Ambler wrote:

> Yes.
> Much like if the members of the gTLD constituency, being actual and
> prospective registries, elect their representatives, and they are not
> amenable to the ICANN board, it's just another part of the global
> conspiracy.
> The bylaws say that constituencies self-form. NSI welcomed
> prospective registries with openness, and the ICANN board not
> only shut them out, but cut the representation down from 3 to 1.
> Then, to add insult to injury, the captured DNSO, in creating a
> working group to "study" new TLDs, blatantly blocked participation
> in that working group by the very prospective registries it is
> meant to address.
> I have spoken with a number of people whos "application" for
> participation was "accepted" immediately. Mine was rejected.
> Who's doing the "accepting?"
> Wake up, people, the DNSO is rigged.
> --
> Personal Opinion Only, of course...
> This email address belongs to a resident of the State of Washington,
> who does not accept unsolicited commercial email.
> > So I guess the point here is that, if the members of a constituency -- in
> > this case everyone who has applied for and received actual or provisional
> > accreditation, which was open to everyone in the world -- elect their
> > representatives, and they are not amenable to Sondow, it's just another
> > part of the global conspiracy?


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