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Re: [IDNO:546] RE: A simple question

Kevin and all,

  A good point here with respect to the IDNO as it may indeed
relate to the ICANN and the DNSO.  But as you know Kelly,
the NC/PNC amongst others of the ICANN (Initial?) interim
Board, seem to believe that Individual Domain Name owners
are more of a nuisance than they are collectively worth and might
serve to upset their apple cart.

Kevin M. Kelly wrote:

> I'm about to collapse two point that Joop has made to highlight what I see
> as the most salient feature of the IDNO:
> Joop Teernstra wrote:
> >Dear Mark,
> >
> >If you do not care to be classified either commercial or non-commercial, if
> >you do not care to be put in a pro-NSI or an anti-NSI camp
> >you are just the kind of ordinary Domain Name Owner the IDNO constituency
> >was created for.
> >
> <snip>
> >
> >As an Association of Domain Name owners we will continue to exist and grow,
> >with or without ICANN.
> With some pain, we have grow beyond a discussion of pro- & anti-NSI (Satan
> or Savior--the truth is somewhere in between) into an organization that I
> believe will persist with or with ICANN.  The point being that is not a
> group organized against anything.  We are organized for the purpose of
> protecting the rights and access of individuals to DNS.
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