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Re: SRS registrations

Dean and all,

  I completely agree with your evaluation here.  NSI indeed needs
to slap down HARD DN registrant abuse of this nature, amongst other
forms.  I believe that NSI has recently done a much better job in this

  However the same needs to apply to the ICANN "Accredited Registrars?"
as well.  In that Register.com is the only one operating "Live" presently
we have not seen this same vigor coming from the ICANN.  Case in point
was the wwwtabnet.com vs tabnet.com incident that I believe I was
the one to point out.

Dean Robb wrote:

> At 11:49 AM 6/21/99 -0500, John B. Reynolds wrote:
> >The results for 67j.net and 40p.net were the same.  Register.com's
> >nameservers are listed (none of these three domains actually resolve), but
> >the registrar of record is NSI.  Also, information for all three domains
> >appears on the whois server at rs.internic.net, but not on
> >whois.register.com.  If they were registered through the SRS, the opposite
> >would be the case.
> I seem to recall that NSI released a news blurb in the past couple of weeks
> that they had "shut down" some group of young folks ("Picture Club"?)
> overseas that was registering sequentially-named domains in an attempt to
> corner the market on all possible 3-letter combinations.  Supposedly it was
> a prank the youngsters were perpetuating.
> Looks to me like these are the results of their registrations OR a copycat.
>  If the former, we again see NSI's competence at work; if the latter, we
> need to see NSI slapping the registrants HARD.
> "Let there be light!"...and God invented Thomas Edison.
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