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Re: [IFWP] The CORE plot thickens ... Re: [announce] Registrars Constituency

Onno and all,

  I can see where you might get this impression.  However I think it
is an impression on the ccTLD's that is not well founded in many ways.
The ICANN (Initial?) Interim board has serious problems with even being
considered legitimate at present and they have not exactly been
effective in getting the ccTLD's to have a central role in the formation
of policy within the ICANN.  That being the case, it is small wonder that
they are not receptive to ICANN by in large...

Onno Hovers wrote:

> In article <008901bebe79$2ce3cf00$4bc56420@AVCLaptop.interport.net>
> Anthony van Couvering wrote:
> > 1. ccTLDs, their resellers, agents, and customers play a tangential role in
> > the ICANN process, restricting their concern to such actions on the part of
> > ICANN that might impact their ability to run a smooth root zone;
> > or
> > 2. ccTLDs, their resellers, agents, and customers are welcomed into the
> > ICANN process, and ccTLDs will pay attention to the broader efforts of ICANN
> > and will participate.
> > It appears from Ken Stubb's message and from Joe Sims', that #1 is
> > indicated.  In any case there are many in the ccTLD constituency who feel
> > that ICANN ought to restrict its activities to gTLDs.  If ccTLD registrars
> > aren't going to be allowed into the registrar constituency, then ICANN
> > should not expect ccTLDs to pay any attention to ICANN resolution concerning
> > registrars.
> > I don't think this will break any hearts among the ccTLDs.
> It seems to me that the ccTLDs want to have it both ways,
> no regulation from their governments and no regulation from the ICANN.
> --
> Onno Hovers, MS/Ir, e-mail: onno@surfer.xs4all.nl


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