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Multiple Registrars = No Cooperation


   I wish to post an experience I recently had with two registrars.

   We had registered a domain via Register.Com, and found problems
 with their service.  (i.e. 14 days later, no record in any of the
 root-servers.)  So, we decided to un-register.
   I personally called Register.Com (1 800 899-9703) and talked to
 a technical member of their staff.  While on the phone, he worked
 with me and un-registered the domain.

   I had been checking my `whois` to see if it dissappeared, and it
 finally did.  I then went to Network Solutions' we site, only to
 find that the domain was "still registered".  I called them at
 1 888 642-9675, and they claimed it was due to Register.Com's fault.

   Anyway, to make a 6-day story short, I was told that it'd take
 3 days to update.  I waited. Still no changes.  Called Register.com,
 they said that Network Solutions had to initiate transfer of a domain,
 so I called them.  "They have to contact us." (Each was quick to 
 blame the other.)

   Finally, a patient woman at Register.Com told me it was physically
 impossible for them to remove a domain from their database. "That
 feature is not yet implimented." Wonderful, Well, after 20 days, the
 root-servers were finally updated, so this really wasn't a big 
 problem any longer.

   Just for grins, I called Network Solutions again to see what they
 thought about the deletion of domains, and they too said that they
 don't delete domains except for extreme conditions, and they too
 would not be able to un-register a domain until it expired in the

   I don't believe any competitors should be allowed to offer services
 in the like of Network Solutions until they are capable of fulfiling
 their side of the service, and coordinate with their competitors under
 the standards that have long-been set.  Be warned, and research the
 registrar you apply with.  Make sure they can do EVERYTHING they need
 to do. At least Network Solutions did say they *COULD* un-register a
 domain. Register.Com simply came accross as if they were simply

 ---Brian Jared

 Brian Jared                                      bjared@monster.com
 UNIX Administrator     http://www.monster.com         1 800-MONSTER