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RE: another small fry asked to cease and desist

Hello Penelope;

The domain name easel.nu has been assigned to you and your technical
contact, for use in the event your easel.com name is deactivated. If you
resolve your problem, please let me know so we can release the name for use
by another gallery or artist.

Best wishes,

Bill Semich (NIC JWS7)
.NU Domain Ltd

You said:

"As the owner of the easel.com domain name, I am in receipt of a "cease and
desist" letter from the 5th Avenue lawyers of KSK International, a clothing
firm that produces an Easel line of clothing. Their trademark predates my
1996 registration of the domain name and my use of easel.com as the name of
my online gallery.

"It seems highly unlikely that consumers can't distinguish between "clothing,
namely sweaters, shirts, skirts, sweater jackets, t-shirts, pants, leggings,
jackets, dresses and shorts" and the online children's advent calendar, oil
paintings, watercolors and lithographs on display at easel.com."