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Taking my money and running

I recently sent in payment for my domain name and then received a bill for the domain name I had thought I sent payment in for.  The invoice stated that I owed $70 and my account would be canceled if I didn't pay it.  I called and talked to two people in customer service and was told that the initial $35 I sent was unrecoverable and it could not be applied to my main domain account.  I don't use Raindance.com and will never use it.  Either I made a mistake or you made a mistake because I double checked the invoice I sent in and it said Wilstrom.com.  So now you have applied $35 to Raindance.com which should have just expired and you won't move the money to the account that I want kept active.  What I understand is that this is standard practice to keep peoples money especially in this situation and to not transfer the funds to another account.  I am not asking for a refund I am only asking for the money that was placed on the wrong account.  The issue isn't so much the money but the ethics that this company is run under.  I know of no business that could run by saying oh well you screwed up so your out or we made a mistake but it is policy not to fix our mistakes. 
Wilstrom Global Nutraceuticals
Darsie Strome