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Domain names Registration

Id like to see the fees lowered to something more reasonable. 70 dollars is
too much for two years
Also ISPs should take responsibility for their people in the newsgroups for
personal attacks and deliberately trying to avoid filters by changing
Idenity and email address
I also think that there are some domain hosts that take advantage of people
ie  holding people hostage ie domains and not releasing it to the new hosts
until later.
It took over two months and emails to get  them to release it. I was too the
point of threatening lawsuit. they finally changed over to my new hosts.
In addition to the web id below I have  my own domain name.
    Yahoo/geocities merger has caused havoc. At one time they were
threatening users that they owned rights to stuff posted there...it caused
such a uproar they backed down.
I think Network solutions needs competition to lower the prices. Id like to
see it as low as 12-15 dollars to register a domain for years. Also, some
domains and companies take it too far.
My nickname has been mine for years and Im lucky to get my own and if I need
a bigger site then so be it...another domain.
 Right now my domain is being redone and designed properly. I would prob
need in a few years to expand my site past the 300 MB. I hope that the costs
go down low enough to get the other two ie sites so I can. Most of my site
is Non profit. What little money I do make for the profit part of my sites
goes directly back in to the site and or buying equiptment and photos.
 Im hoping in the next year to get more equiptment. I deserve if I have to
get an .org designation. Most of what I do is for people's pure enjoyment