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    Look, I read the news.  I'm im the industry.  Why in the world would you hold your meetings in Singapore?  I most certainly can't attend.  Most of the people I know who would like to be in on it.. can not attend.  Most of the people in the United States.. CAN NOT ATTEND.  I realize that the Internet is GLOBAL.  But the companys we are dealing with are United States Companies so far.  NSI, CORE, YOU!!.
    You have around $100,000 in unreimbursed travel expenses according to ABC news.  Hmm.. Maybe we shouldn't cater to everyone else and hold our meetings IN THE DARN COUNTRY WE ARE IN!!  You are headquartered in California.  Have the meetings there.  Maybe that would save some money!  Hey. what an IDEA.   Not to mention.. it would increase interest in your "PLIGHT" of needing money.  Let's see.. an American Company.. under charter from a Whitehouse Whitepaper...hmm.. yeah.. so good so far...it needs money.. hmm.. ok.. SO LET'S FLY TO ANOTHER COUNTRY AND HOLD MEETINGS THERE.  DUH!  And golly.. Why not video conference the darn meeting instead of traveling.  Using.. "GASP" the internet as the backbone.   Everyone whos involved as a nice fat pipe.  Heck.. I even have a DSL line.. and I'm just a local guy.  I don't know.. maybe with thinking like that.. you deserve to go bankrupt.
Greg Michael