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Network Solutions monoploy

Title: Network Solutions monoploy

To whomever,

I don't know if anyone is actually listening to any of these postings at the ICANN, but please, Esther, save us!!  Network Solutions is a god-awful monopoly who is destroying the Internet.  They make my life a living hell.

1.  They take forever to respond to e-mails.  I mailed them a week ago about changing a record, and they do nothing!  I received an auto-reply and nothing more.  No e-mail, no call, just totally ignored.

2.  They are slow to respond.  I had an issue about six months ago - i needed to change my e-mail address on their site.  Well, the whole process took almost a month - amonth!!!!! - to change the address. 

3.  They are totally unavailable.  No matter what you do, they are unavailable for response.  I call, I e-mail, and nothing happens.  Two weeks ago they nuked my DNS records so my computer became unavailable - and nothing has been done to rectify this since.

Please, for the Love of God, someone save us!!!! WE ARE POWERLESS AGAINSTA THIS GODDAMN BEHEMOTH!!!

If ICANN doesn't stand up to them, no one ever will.

Tom Reagan