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I'm sure you have already foreseen the problem but Mr Bennett has a very good point in his posting (below) to the USENET group comp.protocols.tcp-ip.domains, which I'm sure you monitor. 

It wouldn't be wise to use the domain nsiregistry.com for the public whois services of the registry. The domain used in this regards should be as close to "Internet Community Property" as possible. Of course, the best choice would be internic.net.

Best Regards,

Per-Anders Hurtigh, Port Information System AB

>> Forum: comp.protocols.tcp-ip.domains 
>> Thread: Why is Registry Named NSIRegistry??  
>> Date: 1999/07/13 
>> Author: Ron Bennett <rb1000@ix.netcom.com> 
>> Been wondering for awhile why is the gTLD (.COM, .NET, .ORG, 
>> & .EDU) registry called NSIRegistry?? Just the naming alone 
>> could be considered a conflict of interest. The central registry 
>> should be called something like CentralRegistry, or ICANNRegistry, 
>> or GTLDRegistry, or DNSRegistry, or something along those lines 
>> that's more generic. Perhaps it's just me, but having a company 
>> name in the name of the central registry is bad and should be changed.