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Re: [ga] Re: [announce] Notification of the change to the NamesCouncil

The removal of Susan Anthony from the provisional Names Council due to
nonconformance with its own structural requirements raises another
procedural concern.

Ms. Anthony participated in the June 25 Names Council meeting where the
issue of setting up procedures and processes before establishing working
group specifics lost by, I believe, only one vote.

I think Ms. Anthony's invalid placement on the Names Council likewise
invalidates any decisions made by that group during her participation.  I
believe ethics requires this impartially constituted group to revisit all
the decisions it made at that and any other meetings/teleconferences in
which she participated.

BTW--did ALL members of the IP constituency vote on the replacement, or was
this just another insider appointment?

>You wrote:
>> ICANN's formal request advised MCI WorldCom that the ICANN Board
>> had determined that no more than one employee, officer or director
>> of a company may serve on the Names Council at any one time,
>> regardless of the constituency the board member might represent.
>> Pursuant to a formal request by the ICANN CEO, Michael Roberts, on
>> behalf of the ICANN Board, MCI WorldCom has decided to withdraw
>> Susan Anthony from serving on the provisional Names Council (pNC)
>> representing the International Trademark Association (INTA).
>> The new INTA representative is Caroline Chicoine, an attorney
>> with the law firm of Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin in St. Louis,
>> Missouri, USA.

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