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Comments on the proposed ICANN by-laws change:

> The Internet community is invited to make comments on the proposed
> Amendments. Comments should be emailed to
> http://www.icann.org/comments-mail/comment-dnso/maillist.html. 

>   The following proposed Amendments to the ICANN Bylaws are intended to
>   implement an evident consensus among participants in the ICANN process
>   that no single company should be able to place more 
>   than one representative on the Names Council of the Domain 
>   Name Supporting Organization

First: I note that it is thus the case that the current bylaws do not have
the proposed restriction.

Consequently, at the time the member of the gTLD constituency appointed
three representatives it was entirely within its by-law given rights to do
so.  And thus the rejection of those representatives from that meeting was
improper and a violation of ICANN's then existing, and still existing

Second: I question how this "evident consensus" was ascertained. There has
been no "consensus count" or clearly stated question on this matter.

I do suspect that if such a consensus count were to be made, the answer
would be conform to the asserted consensus.

However, I must object to a bald assertion of "consensus" without there
being a clearly stated, and focused question placed before the e-mail